Lindsay Street Partners

Lindsay Street Partners is a boutique corporate and commercial law firm.  

I created Lindsay Street Partners as a platform to continue offering legal advice and consultancy services for clients with whom I have had long-standing relationships.  Lindsay Street can assist with the provisions of legal advice in relation to a range of corporate and commercial issues, and can also provide legal project management, legal process and precedent support, and lawyer 'on demand' support services.  

Perth Food Blog

Perth Food Blog is a blog with short and long form reviews of Perth food. 

I created Perth Food Blog to add a new element to going out to dinner with friends, and I do not consider myself to be a serious food critic. Like the rest of this website, it has become an enjoyable but ultimately self-indulgent release. 

Read the restaurants and bars we have reviewed over at Perth Food Blog

The Little Law Network

The Little Law Network is a not-for-profit community for Australian lawyers. 

The Little Law Network aims to promote collegiality and tackle mental health issues affecting many young lawyers in Australia.  It does this by posting original articles its blog and by facilitating a mentorship program that invites lawyers to serve as mentors to other more junior lawyers in their area.  

Please visit the Little Law Network to learn about its initiatives. 

Edit: The LLN is now on 'indefinite hiatus' (i.e. dead), but I am sincerely grateful to all those who volunteered their time to work on the project :)