Why did I have a knife? I mean who knows? The lifestyle I live, what if some crackhead rolls up on me, fucking starting some bullshit? Why not? They’ll sell it to me. Why can I not have it? They make them all the time. So personally I don’t understand why I could buy a knife in the city that I can’t have in the city. In the store that sold it to me they didn’t tell me it was gonna be illegal or not, they didn’t like, “Here’s your knife, thirteen fifty, but if they catch you with it they’re gonna charge you with a crime.” So I don’t feel I should have been the one going to jail, you know the mother fucker who sold it to me, fuck. It is what it is. That’s why I’m here. I made it. I slept on the fucking steps last night just so I’d be here on time. And uh that’s it.
Courthouse Confessions