Since we instinctively want to trust leaders who are really going to “make it happen” there is no leader more enticing than the one who is already doing it. We all know that the leader who cares the most is the leader who will die for the goal even if nobody else is following. Paradoxically perhaps, these are the people who become the magnetic centers of movement, change and accomplishment.

The adage is as old as the hills: if nobody follows you, you are not really a leader. The problem is that most people who call themselves leaders do not really know if anyone is following them; they are too busy trying to create alignment (something about getting the people on the bus in the right seats…) in the “people circle” in the name of “leadership” that nobody is actually doing the task. “Leadership” has become more of a psycho-persuasion exercise than doing an action that other people repeat, mimic and respond to in turn.

Leadership : James Shelley