Susan is right, that “lawyers come in all shapes and sizes and flavors,” but they’re not all “real lawyers” as far as being honest with the public, and with themselves. If their alternative paths are not harmful and do not detract from the ability to serve their clients, then take pride in your path. Admit it happily and readily. Promote it. Own it. If you hide it, conceal it, lie about it, pretend that it doesn’t exist, then you’re not a “real lawyer.” Real lawyers practice law. Real lawyers are honest about what they do and the consequences for clients. Real lawyers are not ashamed of the choices they make. Real lawyers do not deceive themselves or their clients. Real lawyers are not liars. Real lawyers do not hide in the choir of others who share their misgivings about taking alternate paths. Real lawyers are not enablers or apologists of such deception.
Simple Justice: The Truthiness About Real Lawyers