What he actually said was “We stand a pretty good chance of being competitive in this market.” But how else can I interpret his declaration of 2011 as “the year of the copycats,” amid a sea of logos of Android tablet makers?

Or the slide boasting 65,000 iPad-tuned apps, immediately followed by another one showing the mere 100 tablet apps available for Android? Or the stat that Apple has paid out two billion dollars in revenue to iOS developers; that the iTunes Store had 200,000,000 individual users with credit cards on file; that Random House had begun offering their digital catalogue in the iBookstore (they were the last holdout among the heavyweights); or that Apple sold 15 million iPads in just three-quarters of 2010 and now makes the majority of its money off of the iPad and other “post-PC devices”?

Apple iPad 2 is here and tablet rivals need to hit the drawing board - Chicago Sun-Times