MasterChef recap: It's back, and with so many questions

And now it's time go shopping, at Coles, which has a great range at rock-bottom prices and is lucky enough to get its logo into a lot of shots inadvertently just by chance. Law student Faiza thinks she is the women's secret weapon in shopping, because she has worked at Coles for eight years and knows the layout very well. Good luck navigating the notoriously impenetrable labyrinth of a suburban supermarket, boys! Without Faiza's specialised knowledge they may well die in there. The men's secret weapon is of course Michael, who wields his sexism like a club. "Men don't shop - we buy!" he grunts, confirming the age-old stereotype that males are more prone to babbling gibberish than females. He further confirms this several minutes later by saying, "As my grandmother used to say, they're everywhere like a mad lady's washing". Serious concerns for Michael's mental health begin to grow.